Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Garage

If you are similar to the other homeowners who don’t pay attention, do not think upon its maintenance and go in and out without giving a thought upon its space then you are making mistake. It’s a fact that garage is a low maintenance part of your home but it’s not a no maintenance part just like you treat it. Your home’s value can be preserved by maintaining your garage into shape. Here are some of the tips which can help you do that.

  • Keep your garage door running smoothly

Newer garage door usually come self lubricated or with plastic parts which doesn’t need any oil. But in case of older doors you need to oil your doors regularly which come in hinges, tracks and metal rollers. You can use a leaf blower to remove all the dust, grit, bugs, cobwebs, grime and other such things from the door parts.

You should also check the rubber seal on the bottom of the door of your garage randomly. Through wear and tear, your door can chip or get hardened. This thing can allow the different elements to seep inside your garage. In this case you should replace the seal. If you are not replacing, you may also face problems like your door hitting the ground hard and the jarring noise coming from the parts or allowing the light to peep inside your garage even after it is closed.

  • Clean the floor of your garage

You should hose down the floor of your garage at least once in a year so that stains, pockmarks which are caused by the auto fluids and road salts are cleaned out. By doing so, you can also prevent slip hazards. Take a note of not sealing or painting garage slabs. If you do so, the paint would chip, get discolored and the floor would become slippery so in case of floor, its better to leave concrete alone.

  • Monitor your garage walls and foundation

Interior and exterior walls of the garage must be inspected twice in a year. Even the foundation must also be inspected twice to check for any cracks or moisture. If you find any signs of mold or discoloration then it is definitely moisture which is seeping in through the walls or the roof. In this case you should call a professional for inspection and repairs. Ignoring these things will not be advisable. The cracks which are smaller than ¼ inch which are not causing water damage are not harmful.

  • Clean interior doors and gutters

Interior doors and gutters are also very important to inspect and clean. Check out that the door is properly weather-stripped. If your garage has any gutter then it is very important to clean them every spring and fall. Inspect your gutters for damage. Even check the roof of your garage for any missing shingles or missing tiles or any water damage.