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Stair designs when living with toddlers

When you have toddlers back home you need to be really careful with the stair designs. It’s especially important when the child has just started to crawl or walk and here goes some safety stair tips that might be helpful for the new parents.

It’s important that you guard your stairs with a safety gate or a baby net. The net or gate has to be installed at both ends of the staircase s that the child doesn’t get to enter the stair part. Make sure to keep the gates closed every time you enter or come out of the stairs.
Railings are also essential for stairs when you have kids in your home. But the railings shouldn’t be much wider as the child might slip between the rails. Reduce the distance with nets alongside or through installing more number of rails. Besides, it’s good if you can carpet your stairs for a strong grip.

Installing the Wall Moldings on Your Stairways

Installation of wall moldings on the stairways requires a lot of precision too. Get the level vertically on the skirtboard right. Adjust the level by using T-bevel square. Keep the square on the saw table get the saw’s settings right. See to it that the handle of the square is flat enough.

Ensure that you cut the both the ends of the molding by placing it on the saw table. This is only to ensure that the ends are vertical when you keep it on the stairway wall. The molding should appear compact on the upper and the lower levels. This is because of the fact that once fixed it cannot be altered very easily. Now hold the molding on the wall where you want to put it. Install it using nails. It is always better to pre-drill since it would help the molding from getting damaged. The molding would appear nice indeed.

Painting the Faux Rug on Your Staircase

If you have decided to paint on a faux rug on your staircase, then first of all make sketches on paper of designs and patters of the rug you would like to have on the staircase. You would do well to find some good stencils at the crafts stores either online or offline. It is advisable to purchase the paint that suits the make of your staircase.

Ensure that the stairs are washed and cleaned off dust before beginning to paint. The use of soap water is recommended in the cleaning of staircase. It is better to tape off the portions of the exposed sides of the stairs so that painting is done with uniformity. The stairs have to be painted with the base color of the rug and painting can be continued after allowing the previous paint to dry. Use the stencil to create patterns and additional colors to create designs.