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Strategies used to clean your kitchen

Is your kitchen clean and sparkling? The kitchen is one of the most important work areas of your home. Most of our work at home is generally done in the kitchen area. At the same time it is the kitchen which is most vulnerable to getting messy. To increase the efficiency of your work you will have to ensure that your kitchen is kept clean and sparkling all the time.

So how do you keep your kitchen clean? The kitchen is mostly soiled by grease and smoke. The best way to deal with these is the dishwasher liquid. Spray your dishwasher over your kitchen counter generously. In case you have a concentrated liquid ensure that it is diluted with water. Baking soda is also often quite effective for this purpose. There is another time tested solution in the form of baking soda mixed with vinegar. Spray over the soiled area generously and you will have a clean and sparkling kitchen.

Cooking in your Farberware Rotisserie


Coat the meat, which you want to cook using a thin film of butter. Seasoning and a small amount of wine is added for extra flavor. The meat should be wrapped about the spit rod for securing it firmly

Wearing protective gloves, a fire is started with a kindling placed in a steel container. Coal pieces should be added to the ire and ignited. After turning on the motor of Rotisserie, the meat should be cooked slowly adjusting the level of the meat.

The meat should be cooked slowly using the rotating spit to get even heating and browning. The food should be checked regularly to prevent overcooking using a meat thermometer which should be inserted in the center for checking the temperature. The portions of the meat should be cut off the spit making sure that rotisserie has been switched off as well as the fire has been extinguished.

Cleaning your Barbecue Lava Rock


Raise the lid of the grill and remove the grates. You should turn lava rocks placed on the burner grates upside down while wearing working gloves for keeping your hands clean. Flipping of the lava rocks over makes contact with the dirty surfaces with the burner needing better cleaning.

An aluminum foil sheet should be placed over the barbeque lava rocks. This sheet helps in holding in heat which helps for faster cleaning. The grill should be ignited and the burner flames adjusted to medium high using the front control knobs. The grill lid should be closed for holding in the heat.

The grill should be run with medium-high heat for about half an hour for burning off grease along with dirt, allowed to shut down and cool. Inspect several lava rocks to check whether the cleaning is to your satisfaction. An additional bake may be required for eliminating all grease.

Design Your Kitchen Strategically

Since the kitchen sink is very important first make sure where exactly you want it in the kitchen. Do not forget to place the appliances about the kitchen sink. You will certainly love to have the cabinets in your kitchen. Therefore make sure you select the best ones after going through several designs and patterns in the local stores. Setting up an island near the sink is not a bad idea at all.

It is always possible that your kitchen is possessed with some additional walls. Put these additional walls to maximum use by laying cabinets and countertops to store kitchen items such as spice-boxes. Installation of a refrigerator in the kitchen is an important task and hence take care that you install it in such a way that it door opens near the sink. It should be installed in such a way that you would find it easy to take things from within while cooking.