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Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroomNo one ever likes to clean your bathroom but by accepting the fact that you have to clean your bathroom no matter what will make the work little bit less painful. Bathroom is one word and we think it’s a small space and it’s easy to clean your bathroom. But for your kind information bathroom has bathtub to clean, shower to clean, faucets to clean, toilet to clean, walls to clean, floor to clean, sink or counter area to clean, mirror to clean and many such small little places to clean. Thus don’t take cleaning your bathroom very lightly and pay attention on it. Here are some of the ways which will help you to clean your bathroom like a pro and get a sparkling clean bathroom.

  • Remove all things which don’t belong to bathroom

Many of the times, there are several things in the bathroom which don’t even belong to bathroom like trash, cups and clothes. Many of the times toys of your kids are also wondering in your bathroom and hence while cleaning your bathroom make sure to remove all the extra items out of your bathroom and make it empty. Also if there is any movable storage or any stool or any side tables then also take it out of the bathroom so that you can clean your bathroom properly and effectively.

  • Pour some bleach or another cleaner in toilet

Toilet bowl is such a place where there is accumulation of germs and thus while cleaning your bathroom you need to pay a little extra attention to your toilet bowl. Put some bleach or any other cleaning solution into the toilet bowl and let it stay for some while over there. After some while use a brush and clean your toilet bowl with the brush. Make sure to open the door or put on the fan during this cleaning process to get proper ventilation. If you want to go a little green while cleaning your bathroom than you can mix up a tablespoon of baking powder into 75/25 mixture of white vinegar and water.

  • Clear the dust

Not only in case of cleaning your bathroom, but in any of the rooms, whenever you clean you start cleaning from top and end up cleaning at the bottom. Start dusting from the ceiling of the bathroom. Clear out any of the cobwebs seen on the ceiling as well as on the walls. This will make so much dust on the floor but don’t clean it at the moment. Clean the windows and any other spot where you see the dust. After that sweep the floor properly and then go for washing the floor with cleaning solution.

  • Clean sink and shower

Make sure to clean the sink and shower while cleaning your bathroom. Sink and shower both are those spots which are used daily in the bathroom and thus clean it properly with good cleaning solution and remove every dirt seen on it.

Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Garage

If you are similar to the other homeowners who don’t pay attention, do not think upon its maintenance and go in and out without giving a thought upon its space then you are making mistake. It’s a fact that garage is a low maintenance part of your home but it’s not a no maintenance part just like you treat it. Your home’s value can be preserved by maintaining your garage into shape. Here are some of the tips which can help you do that.

  • Keep your garage door running smoothly

Newer garage door usually come self lubricated or with plastic parts which doesn’t need any oil. But in case of older doors you need to oil your doors regularly which come in hinges, tracks and metal rollers. You can use a leaf blower to remove all the dust, grit, bugs, cobwebs, grime and other such things from the door parts.

You should also check the rubber seal on the bottom of the door of your garage randomly. Through wear and tear, your door can chip or get hardened. This thing can allow the different elements to seep inside your garage. In this case you should replace the seal. If you are not replacing, you may also face problems like your door hitting the ground hard and the jarring noise coming from the parts or allowing the light to peep inside your garage even after it is closed.

  • Clean the floor of your garage

You should hose down the floor of your garage at least once in a year so that stains, pockmarks which are caused by the auto fluids and road salts are cleaned out. By doing so, you can also prevent slip hazards. Take a note of not sealing or painting garage slabs. If you do so, the paint would chip, get discolored and the floor would become slippery so in case of floor, its better to leave concrete alone.

  • Monitor your garage walls and foundation

Interior and exterior walls of the garage must be inspected twice in a year. Even the foundation must also be inspected twice to check for any cracks or moisture. If you find any signs of mold or discoloration then it is definitely moisture which is seeping in through the walls or the roof. In this case you should call a professional for inspection and repairs. Ignoring these things will not be advisable. The cracks which are smaller than ¼ inch which are not causing water damage are not harmful.

  • Clean interior doors and gutters

Interior doors and gutters are also very important to inspect and clean. Check out that the door is properly weather-stripped. If your garage has any gutter then it is very important to clean them every spring and fall. Inspect your gutters for damage. Even check the roof of your garage for any missing shingles or missing tiles or any water damage.


Skim Coating Concrete Walls

Skim Coating Concrete WallsSkim coating is mainly done to make your house look new. It generally involves applying a thin layer of a particular mixture which helps to even out the surface. Skim coating concrete walls includes some easy steps which you will be able to do on your own. They are as follows:

• The initial step will be to cover the floor with plastic drop cloths. If there’s any furniture or other stuff then they should be covered before beginning the work.
• Next is the scraping of the wall. This can be done with the help of a 6 inch drywall knife. The wall has to be scraped lightly which would allow the loose substances and cement to fall. Sand paper is not recommended in this case.
• Pouring water in a bucket and then mixing skim coat cement solution in it is the next step. This is an important part so you will have to be extra careful about the amount of solution you add in the water. First would be to pour the water in a 5 gallon bucket and then adding the solution slowly. The cement solution has to mix with the water thoroughly. For this you can use an electric drill. It will ultimately form a thick paste.
• When you are ready to begin you must start with the top end of the wall and go down slowly across the full surface of the concrete wall. The paste has to be applied on the wall using a cement trowel. It should be dipped properly in the bucket and the cement has to come up accurately. Applying one coat is enough to make it thick. All you have to do is make the surface even. If while doing this some more solution is required you can add it according to the space left.

Lighting up your House

Lighting up your HouseInnovations and renovations in ones own home is very vital. It makes you an aesthetic feeling and will help to strengthen your family bonding. There are many reasons as to why you should focus on home lightening. It can amplify the appearance of the room and makes it look larger. Lightening is very important to give the right perspective to every single object that is kept in your house.

There are various types of home lightening. Living rooms have light furniture so lightening it up is not much of a problem. You can put desk lamp for reading requirement but make sure that they are not very bright because it can be strenuous for the eyes. Task light is easier to use in kitchen which will focus on food that is being prepared. Lightening up of the shelves and cabinets can be a good potion. It can be really helpful to highlight whatever is kept inside it.

Accent lightening is good for focusing beautiful paintings on the walls. Pendant lightening are the best for illuminating any bar area if you have at home. Switches can be installed for regulating the lightening of various places. Bathrooms and kitchens definitely require brighter lights than others. Bright pendant light can also be used for the dining area, so that people can comfortably see the food well.

Light should be strong while doing something that requires concentration like sewing, reading, cooking etc. Light in the bathroom must be focused on the mirror as you might need it for doing your makeup. You must see to it that old lights use more power to light up an area. You can use compact fluorescent lights for an eco friendly way to light up your house. It is energy efficient and provides sharp brightness over long period of time.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies: How To Buy Them?

Eco-friendly Cleaning SuppliesMaintenance of your home should be of great priority to you. You must be using a lot of chemicals and supplies to clean different parts of your home. So you should try out the eco-friendly chemicals and supplies to clean your house. In this way you will able to make the world a better place in your own small way. Using green cleaning supplies is the best thing that you can do in today’s world to keep the environment healthy. You must make it a point to convert your home into an eco-friendly place.

Manufacturers of such green cleaning products and supplies are very few. Thus you can buy the supplies directly from the manufacturing company. If you cannot get hold of these companies easily then you can surely carry out an online research for the renowned manufacturers in and around your locality. Green cleaning chemicals and supplies are obviously expensive but in the long run these can really help in improving the deteriorating health of the environment.

In case there is no company that is located near the place where you live then search for the official websites of these green cleaning supply and chemical companies. After you find the website you can order for the supplies and chemicals and these will be delivered directly to you. In many places these organic stores have opened up that can turn out to be very helpful to you if these are located in your area. You can just visit them and buy the things that you want conveniently. The organic stores will ensure that you get proper services and inform you when a product you required has been supplied to their store from the manufacturer.

Once you start using green cleaning chemicals and supplies, do not give it up as it is an amazing habit.

How to replace a broken window

broken windowSome repairs need to be done as soon as possible instead of waiting for the mechanic. Such a situation could be that of a broken window for instance. In a situation such as a broken window, there are many broken pieces of glass or acrylic that might be a source of injury, especially if you have kids at your home.

Therefore start the procedure by removing all the broken pieces of glass and the remaining pieces on the window carefully. It is advised to use a heavy glove while doing so. After this remove the putty from inside the frame. You can use a chisel or a putty knife for this step. This step needs to be carried out carefully so that you do not break the window frame. Then, with a cloth dipped in linseed oil, wipe the entire frame. After this step, put new putty inside the window frame. Get a glass of the exact size and fit it inside the frame. Wipe out the excess putty and let the window dry. And voila, your broken window has been replaced! If you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project on your own, contact professionals that can handle it for you, like Art Construction.


Advantages of exhaust fans

exhaust fans, home careExhaust fans are a god send for those he live in tiny apartments and cramped up spaces. People living in apartments with inadequate number of windows can do great with exhaust fans. If all the windows of a home are on one side, the air circulation gets hampered in the home and gives it a stuffy feel to it. Adding an exhaust fan on the opposite end can take care of that problem.

Exhaust fans in cramped up kitchens are perfect to keep the atmosphere of the kitchen fresh and airy. Even toilets with improper ventilation can do great with exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are available in the market in many sizes. They take up very little energy and are easily set up. Over time the fan blades need to be cleaned and the motors require some maintenance. They come very cheap and are highly durable too.

Home builders’ trends of 2012

Now-a-days with the invention of new ideas people have started building their homes in a very innovative style. The builders actually have started designing your house in a very creative way. So, if you are planning to build a home for yourself then you should have enough money to give to the builders as the builders are now charging very high fees for constructing your house. You should always use the products in your house that save energy as well as are environmental friendly.

Now the latest trend is that you should have large parking area along with a large working place. The kitchen should be designed in a modern way but it should have enough space to bring in certain furniture and décor items. People avoid large bedrooms instead they want to have large storage space and laundry rooms. The latest trends states that bathrooms should have separate tubs. Your home should have a separate space for home theater where you can enjoy with family and friends.

Installing Gutters on your Slate Roof

roof gutterInstalling new gutters is no easy feat. You might want to leave it to the professionals at Seneca Creek Roofing. But if you insist on taking this project on yourself, you first have to measure your roof using a measuring tape. You will need to get on a ladder so you can measure the height of the roof for the downspouts. Buy an appropriate number of gutter sections so you can cover the edges of your roof completely.

The ladder should be placed against the corner of your house. The gutter section to the downspout should be placed against the wall, exactly under the edge of roof. Then you’ll want to mark holes for the sections. The gutter sections should be drilled in with the help of screws. This process should be repeated for every top corner of the wall.

The gutter section should be connected to the downspout connector using screws. The downspout sections should be connected to the connector until they reach the ground level. The seam in between the downspout and gutter sections should then be sealed. And it’s as easy as that!

Removing Rain Guards from windows

A rain guard should be used for cracking your car window during the rainstorm. Rain guards which are installed upon the car windows may require to be taken out frequently. Some car owners don’t fancy rain guards and some just want them removed for aesthetic purposes.

The broken and loose as well as sun-faded rain guards may give unattractive look to your car. An adhesive strip is holding a rain guard firmly in place and removing it doesn’t need much effort. If the adhesive still remains on the door of the car after removing, then you can use rubbing alcohol for taking care of that.


Open the door of the car and roll the window down. The outer edge of your car rain guard should be gripped using pliers and ripped off the car door. A scrub sponge should be dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off the remaining adhesive residue.