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Advantages of a round dining table

Dining tables are a must for every home. But always try to go for a round table since they come with several advantages. Firstly, they are found in a broad range of styles and sizes. Thus, you can easily have one as per the look and size of your room. Besides, they are classy and space saving compared to the rectangular or square ones.

Another benefit of round dining tables is that they are quite easy to adjust when you have some extra members in your room. They are really flexible while making the seating arrangements. Besides, they are quite safer to use since they don’t come with the sharp edges which are typical with the rectangular and the square ones. Hence, they are good when you have small kids at your home.

Finally round dining tables suit any theme of interior décor. Thus, no matter whether you have a conventionally styled dining space or a trendy contemporary area, you are always safe with the round option since they come with a timeless elegance.

Making your wool Comforters

Determine the accurate size of the bed. Select fabric for this project of making wool comforters. Use the measurements according to bed size and select any preferred fabric of the correct size.

Cut in such a way that you have two pieces of fabric matching each other. Place the fabric in such a way that right sides are towards each other. You should match the edges as well as pin sides approx. 1/2 inch in the fabric. Catch the three layers into the pins. Leave approx. a 6-inch opening to one side. Sew all four sides allowing seam allowance. The fourth side should be left approx. 6 inches open.

Pull the fabric through the hole which is left open on fourth side. This turns the fabric out on right-side out hiding the seams which are on the inner side of the wool comforter. Stuff the shell of the comforter using wool stuffing if desired.

Removing the Luster from Leather


Saturate a cloth which must be lint-free using alcohol. Rub it over the leather surface. The alcohol removes the luster from the leather’ and takes off the upper coatings. Dip this lint-free cloth in acetone and rub this lint-free cloth on the leather surface. The acetone is helpful in removing dye present in the leather.

After this, rub the leather surface, which is damp with acetone, using fine-grain sandpaper. You should rub gently for distressing the leather. Apply pressure for darkening the leather and remove its luster completely. You should dab shoe brush lightly in black colored shoe polish. Scrub leather surface using the brush, applying polish considering how much finish you want to give to the leather surface.

Wash your leather on gentle cycle in washing machine, if working on a garment. This helps in agitating the leather and removing extra dyes. Dry this leather garment using the clothes dryer, with no heat.

Cleaning your Water Bed Mattress Covers


Front-Loading Washing Machine

A front-loading machine should be used for washing the mattress covers at home, as there is no agitator to cause friction on the mattress fabric.

The covers should be inserted into the machine and detergent should be added. The machine should be set on the regular cycle using cold water. The covers should be hanged out for drying in the sun.

Top-Load Washing Machine

The cover should be removed away from the water bed and inserted in the washing machine. The machine should be set using either the normal cycle or gentle cycle referring to the label having proper care instructions. Cold or warm water can be used. Laundry detergent should be added and the machine should be turned on. The covers should be tumble dried with low heat. Reading the label on the covers before you start drying ensures if it is recommended. Line drying may be recommended by some manufacturers.

Removing the Rabbit Hair


To remove the rabbit hair the floor and the carpet as well as upholstery should be vacuumed. The upholstery attachment which is on your hose should be used for cleaning upholstery. The rabbit hair should be removed this way as much as possible. It may not be possible to remove fine hairs.

A lint roller should be rolled over your upholstery which should help in attracting the remaining rabbit hairs, even if they are very fine. A dishtowel should be dampened using clear water. It should be twisted to remove excess water. The towel should be wrapped around your broom as well as secured around the broomstick using rubber bands.

The broom should be swept over with care over the entire surface of your carpet as well as the floor. The rest of the rabbit hair will be attracted towards the wet dishtowel. The dishtowel should be rinsed as required.

Patching your Leather Couch


A leather repairing kit should be purchased containing a patch and a filler as well as liquid color. The leather surrounding the hole should be washed using a liquid soap solution. The residue should be removed and the leather should be allowed to dry. The area should be washed using alcohol.

A sub-patch should be cut from the fabric which should be slightly bigger as against the damage. After lifting the edges of the area damaged, the fabric patch should be placed below the area which is damaged. The patch of leather in the kit should be cut to match the size of the hole. Latex fabric glue should be applied to the sub-patch edges.

The remaining residue of glue should be washed away using a little quantity of alcohol. Fillers should be applied to cracks. It should be allowed to dry and color should be applied for blending the repair.

Measure the Windows for Your Curtains

Measuring the windows for inserting curtains is an important exercise in shaping any room for that matter. All you have to do first is decide the nature of the curtains you need. Take a decision about the place where you would like the curtain rod to occupy. Next you take the decision regarding the coverage to be provided by the curtains.

Most people prefer full coverage. Some people prefer compact coverage. It is quite normal that curtains extend up to 6 inches above the window frame. It also normally extends on sides too. Hence decide as to what kind of extension you want. The best way to take right measurements is to make use of the tape measure to take measurements from the curtain rod to the bottom of the window. Same kind of measurements should also be taken sideways. Curtains after all appear gorgeous on the windows for sure.

Removing Your Ceramic Floor Tiles

Removing ceramic floor tiles requires skill and precision on the part of the worker. First of all you have to carefully remove the grout around the tiles that you want to remove without of course disturbing the tiles around them. It is here you can put the pry bar to good use. It can be used to gently life the tile up. This is so because the tile may later be used for other purposes too.

You can of course make use of the sledge hammer to smash the already broken tiles. You may thus scrape them out at the end. Removing ceramic floor tiles is somewhat difficult to perform and hence it is advisable on your part to take some advice from the local remodeling expert. He would be in a position to guide you properly in this aspect. Removal of ceramic floor tiles is part of home improvement aspects.