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Preventing the growth of mold in your closets and cupboards

growth of mold in your closetsMolds are microscopic organisms (fungi) which have the ability to grow on more or less any surface including wood, carpet, winter insulation, hay, paper, concrete and even potted house plants. Most molds are not harmful to the human body; however, the toxic black mold is lethal.

Studies have shown that molds can cause a number of health hazards such as cancer, asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus infections, aches, rashes, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. Fatal pulmonary diseases can be caused by Stachybotrys molds.

Getting rid of the already existing mold is not a piece of cake, but is not a very difficult job either. Below are some steps that should help you in the process.

• You must figure out what types and levels of mold are there in your closets and cupboards. Test kits are easily available online and even in hardware stores, pharmacy chains, and home centres. You need to place the petri dishes found in the kit in locations where you suspect mold, collect a sample and then send it to a lab for analysis and to discover the exact count and type of the mold.
• The most important step can be said to be eliminating the source of mold. The main cause of mold growth is moisture. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home and in the process moisture. A certain product called DampRid removes extra moisture from the atmosphere and prevents mold, mildew and musty doors. DampRid is most effective for closets.
• You should use a fungicide cleaner to eradicate mold from surfaces instead of chlorine bleach, since that will just solve the problem temporarily. Clean your closets and cupboards inside, outside and underneath. Do not forget to protect your nasal passages, lungs and skin while doing this.
• Install an air purifier in your house. Also, prevent mold by not storing wet cloth or paper or other porous materials in your cupboards and closets.

Follow these steps and you will have cleaner closets, and a healthier environment in no time.

Cleaning your water tanks

Water tanks are one of the most important parts in any household. You need the water for all your domestic purposes like washing, bathing and cleaning and you need the water tank to store water. But most of us never bother to clean our water tanks which lead to many harmful diseases.

If the water tank itself is not clean, it will lead to problems while cleaning and washing. You will most certainly use this water to clean your vegetables and thus having an unclean water tank will affect your nutrition as well. There are many ways using which you can clean your tank. As they say prevention is better than cure. So make sure you clean your tank twice a month even though you don’t have any problems with it. Similarly, never keep water in the tank for long periods. If you are going out of town, unload the water from the tank.

Cleaning your water tank

Most people who own water tanks are not accustomed to the fact that water tanks need proper cleaning. If you are one of them too, then you must realize the fact that water tanks are not provided with any self cleaning options. They need to be cleaned at least once in three months.

Here are a few easy steps to clean your water tank. Firstly, switch off the power. Unplug all the wirings attached to it. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and the other into the floor drain. Then turn off the cold water valve as well. Turn on the drain valve and allow it to empty. After the water has drained, wipe the floor and remove all sediments etc. and replace it if it’s corroded. Turn the power on now. You must keep the water tank clean not only for its longer usage, but for hygiene as well.

The easiest ways to clean the Fireplace

A fireplace must be one of the toughest places to clean. And since it’s so much overused during the cold months, it’s necessary to keep it clean regularly to ensure safety and hygiene. But since it’s such a difficult place to clean, there are some special ways to do it. Read on to know the simple ways of cleaning your fireplace.

There are special ash vacuum cleaners which are designed to clean fireplaces especially. So make sure that you use this to clean your fireplace. Also keep it well ventilated and clean it once a week during winters. During warm months, apart from using the ash vacuum cleaner, you can also manually clean the inside with a mop from time to time. Also clean the outside or outer boards with a soluble cleanser and a soft clean cotton cloth. While buying your ash vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s made of metal. This is not only a surety of the sanctity of the product but also makes the product useful and durable.

Making Rings from your Aluminum Pipes


Secure the pipe using a sturdy clamp with the help of more than one clamp which depends on the length of aluminum pipe. Test if the pipe is stable by pressing down the pipe using your hands. The pipe should be measured and a predetermined distance should be marked from the end which will be the cutting point.

The skill saw should be equipped by a metal blade used for sawing. Set the depth of the blade in such a way that the bottom tooth is 1/8 to 1/4 inch beyond the thickness of your pipe when holding level to it. Lubricating your saw blade, using a small amount of lubricant like spray grease, is helpful.

Taking position on the side of your pipe, the blade of the skill saw should be aligned with the mark made on the pipe. The saw should be used slowly and smoothly to cut the pipe.

Removing Rain Guards from windows

A rain guard should be used for cracking your car window during the rainstorm. Rain guards which are installed upon the car windows may require to be taken out frequently. Some car owners don’t fancy rain guards and some just want them removed for aesthetic purposes.

The broken and loose as well as sun-faded rain guards may give unattractive look to your car. An adhesive strip is holding a rain guard firmly in place and removing it doesn’t need much effort. If the adhesive still remains on the door of the car after removing, then you can use rubbing alcohol for taking care of that.


Open the door of the car and roll the window down. The outer edge of your car rain guard should be gripped using pliers and ripped off the car door. A scrub sponge should be dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off the remaining adhesive residue.

Easy method for Cleaning Gutters


A gutter system works only when the downspouts are free of the debris which is clogged inside. At least twice a year, the unclogging of gutters should be done. The best method which is used to unclog them is using water hose with high-pressure. A ladder should be erected at every downspout so as to reach the opening present in the gutters which is connected to the downspout.

A plastic cup should be inserted into the downspout. This cup must be tapering towards the base and must be large enough for blocking the opening connected to the downspout.

You should spray the gutter using a water hose having high-pressure or a pressure washer for blasting out dirt as well as debris from the gutters. After spraying with the water hose the cups should be removed. You should spray the gutter using water hose down in the downspout for forcing out the remaining debris.

Disinfecting your Water Tanks

InstructionsDrain all of the water inside the tank. Scour the inside walls using soap and heavy-bristled brush ensuring the removal of traces of grime. The tank should be filled up to one fourth in preparation of the disinfecting process.

To your bucket having approx. gallon of water, add about 1/4 cup of bleach in proportion to every 15 gallons of water of the total capacity of the tank. Pour this diluted bleach to the water tank and fill the rest. You should open up the nozzles or faucets which are attached to the water tank opening one by one and let them run till you can smell a strong odor of chlorine in the water. Your water tank should be sealed and allowed to sit overnight.

All the valves attached to the water tank should be opened to flush the system completely. Once your water tank is drained completely, fill it with fresh water.

Removing the Luster from Leather


Saturate a cloth which must be lint-free using alcohol. Rub it over the leather surface. The alcohol removes the luster from the leather’ and takes off the upper coatings. Dip this lint-free cloth in acetone and rub this lint-free cloth on the leather surface. The acetone is helpful in removing dye present in the leather.

After this, rub the leather surface, which is damp with acetone, using fine-grain sandpaper. You should rub gently for distressing the leather. Apply pressure for darkening the leather and remove its luster completely. You should dab shoe brush lightly in black colored shoe polish. Scrub leather surface using the brush, applying polish considering how much finish you want to give to the leather surface.

Wash your leather on gentle cycle in washing machine, if working on a garment. This helps in agitating the leather and removing extra dyes. Dry this leather garment using the clothes dryer, with no heat.

Cleaning your Water Bed Mattress Covers


Front-Loading Washing Machine

A front-loading machine should be used for washing the mattress covers at home, as there is no agitator to cause friction on the mattress fabric.

The covers should be inserted into the machine and detergent should be added. The machine should be set on the regular cycle using cold water. The covers should be hanged out for drying in the sun.

Top-Load Washing Machine

The cover should be removed away from the water bed and inserted in the washing machine. The machine should be set using either the normal cycle or gentle cycle referring to the label having proper care instructions. Cold or warm water can be used. Laundry detergent should be added and the machine should be turned on. The covers should be tumble dried with low heat. Reading the label on the covers before you start drying ensures if it is recommended. Line drying may be recommended by some manufacturers.