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Making Rings from your Aluminum Pipes


Secure the pipe using a sturdy clamp with the help of more than one clamp which depends on the length of aluminum pipe. Test if the pipe is stable by pressing down the pipe using your hands. The pipe should be measured and a predetermined distance should be marked from the end which will be the cutting point.

The skill saw should be equipped by a metal blade used for sawing. Set the depth of the blade in such a way that the bottom tooth is 1/8 to 1/4 inch beyond the thickness of your pipe when holding level to it. Lubricating your saw blade, using a small amount of lubricant like spray grease, is helpful.

Taking position on the side of your pipe, the blade of the skill saw should be aligned with the mark made on the pipe. The saw should be used slowly and smoothly to cut the pipe.

Installing Gutters on your Slate Roof

roof gutterInstalling new gutters is no easy feat. You might want to leave it to the professionals at Seneca Creek Roofing. But if you insist on taking this project on yourself, you first have to measure your roof using a measuring tape. You will need to get on a ladder so you can measure the height of the roof for the downspouts. Buy an appropriate number of gutter sections so you can cover the edges of your roof completely.

The ladder should be placed against the corner of your house. The gutter section to the downspout should be placed against the wall, exactly under the edge of roof. Then you’ll want to mark holes for the sections. The gutter sections should be drilled in with the help of screws. This process should be repeated for every top corner of the wall.

The gutter section should be connected to the downspout connector using screws. The downspout sections should be connected to the connector until they reach the ground level. The seam in between the downspout and gutter sections should then be sealed. And it’s as easy as that!

Removing Rain Guards from windows

A rain guard should be used for cracking your car window during the rainstorm. Rain guards which are installed upon the car windows may require to be taken out frequently. Some car owners don’t fancy rain guards and some just want them removed for aesthetic purposes.

The broken and loose as well as sun-faded rain guards may give unattractive look to your car. An adhesive strip is holding a rain guard firmly in place and removing it doesn’t need much effort. If the adhesive still remains on the door of the car after removing, then you can use rubbing alcohol for taking care of that.


Open the door of the car and roll the window down. The outer edge of your car rain guard should be gripped using pliers and ripped off the car door. A scrub sponge should be dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off the remaining adhesive residue.

Easy method for Cleaning Gutters


A gutter system works only when the downspouts are free of the debris which is clogged inside. At least twice a year, the unclogging of gutters should be done. The best method which is used to unclog them is using water hose with high-pressure. A ladder should be erected at every downspout so as to reach the opening present in the gutters which is connected to the downspout.

A plastic cup should be inserted into the downspout. This cup must be tapering towards the base and must be large enough for blocking the opening connected to the downspout.

You should spray the gutter using a water hose having high-pressure or a pressure washer for blasting out dirt as well as debris from the gutters. After spraying with the water hose the cups should be removed. You should spray the gutter using water hose down in the downspout for forcing out the remaining debris.

Cooking in your Farberware Rotisserie


Coat the meat, which you want to cook using a thin film of butter. Seasoning and a small amount of wine is added for extra flavor. The meat should be wrapped about the spit rod for securing it firmly

Wearing protective gloves, a fire is started with a kindling placed in a steel container. Coal pieces should be added to the ire and ignited. After turning on the motor of Rotisserie, the meat should be cooked slowly adjusting the level of the meat.

The meat should be cooked slowly using the rotating spit to get even heating and browning. The food should be checked regularly to prevent overcooking using a meat thermometer which should be inserted in the center for checking the temperature. The portions of the meat should be cut off the spit making sure that rotisserie has been switched off as well as the fire has been extinguished.

Disinfecting your Water Tanks

InstructionsDrain all of the water inside the tank. Scour the inside walls using soap and heavy-bristled brush ensuring the removal of traces of grime. The tank should be filled up to one fourth in preparation of the disinfecting process.

To your bucket having approx. gallon of water, add about 1/4 cup of bleach in proportion to every 15 gallons of water of the total capacity of the tank. Pour this diluted bleach to the water tank and fill the rest. You should open up the nozzles or faucets which are attached to the water tank opening one by one and let them run till you can smell a strong odor of chlorine in the water. Your water tank should be sealed and allowed to sit overnight.

All the valves attached to the water tank should be opened to flush the system completely. Once your water tank is drained completely, fill it with fresh water.

Cleaning your Propane Fire Rings

InstructionsBefore cleaning, ensure that the propane tank must be turned off completely. This should be done by turning clockwise the silver gas main situated on top of the propane tank till it stops. The regulator valve should be connected to the tank top with a piece of plastic or rubber used for threading and attaching it to fire ring.

The regulator valve connector should be twisted counterclockwise to release it from the propane tank top. Nuts and bolts must be loosened to release the propane tank from the fire ring. Once you detach the propane tank from the ring, you should mix little quantity of dish soap and water and scrub this fire ring using a soft-bristled brush till all debris as well as soot is removed. The fire ring should be rinsed thoroughly. The fire rings should be allowed to air dry and then reattached to the propane tank.

Cleaning your Barbecue Lava Rock


Raise the lid of the grill and remove the grates. You should turn lava rocks placed on the burner grates upside down while wearing working gloves for keeping your hands clean. Flipping of the lava rocks over makes contact with the dirty surfaces with the burner needing better cleaning.

An aluminum foil sheet should be placed over the barbeque lava rocks. This sheet helps in holding in heat which helps for faster cleaning. The grill should be ignited and the burner flames adjusted to medium high using the front control knobs. The grill lid should be closed for holding in the heat.

The grill should be run with medium-high heat for about half an hour for burning off grease along with dirt, allowed to shut down and cool. Inspect several lava rocks to check whether the cleaning is to your satisfaction. An additional bake may be required for eliminating all grease.

Making your Toolbox Drawers Slide Easily

InstructionsTake out all tools from your toolbox drawer. Pull the toolbox drawer forwards as well as backwards. If it is not running smoothly the items which you are having in the drawer should be checked. Metal tools are usually heavy, and when you have too many tools kept inside the drawer, it may not close easily.

Remove the drawer as well as check the metal runners. Inspect if there are bends in the pieces. These bends can be straightened using the pliers. Bend them either towards right or towards left so as to level them.

Check the runners and see if you have dust buildup on them. Any dirt or dust should be wiped off the runners. Pour some mineral oil on the runner and rub it in using the cloth. Only a thin film of oil is required to make the drawer work with easy and proper movements.

Building your Shelf Drying Rack


To build a shelf drying rack at home is very easy. The things needed are only a board, a saw and some screws. To start with holes having approx. ½ inch diameter should be drilled every 4 inches apart in the middle portion of a board of size 2- by- 4.

The board should be cut in half along the length with the help of a rip saw to create two thinner boards which are having semicircle dips along one side.

The two pieces of the board sized 1-by- 4 should be cut about 3 inches longer against the shelves which you require to dry.

The 1-by-4 pieces of the board are attached to the tops as well as bottoms of the boards which are sized 2-by-4 to create a box type frame. The notches of the frame should face up. Lean this drying rack at the side of the wall.