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Skim Coating Concrete Walls

Skim Coating Concrete WallsSkim coating is mainly done to make your house look new. It generally involves applying a thin layer of a particular mixture which helps to even out the surface. Skim coating concrete walls includes some easy steps which you will be able to do on your own. They are as follows:

• The initial step will be to cover the floor with plastic drop cloths. If there’s any furniture or other stuff then they should be covered before beginning the work.
• Next is the scraping of the wall. This can be done with the help of a 6 inch drywall knife. The wall has to be scraped lightly which would allow the loose substances and cement to fall. Sand paper is not recommended in this case.
• Pouring water in a bucket and then mixing skim coat cement solution in it is the next step. This is an important part so you will have to be extra careful about the amount of solution you add in the water. First would be to pour the water in a 5 gallon bucket and then adding the solution slowly. The cement solution has to mix with the water thoroughly. For this you can use an electric drill. It will ultimately form a thick paste.
• When you are ready to begin you must start with the top end of the wall and go down slowly across the full surface of the concrete wall. The paste has to be applied on the wall using a cement trowel. It should be dipped properly in the bucket and the cement has to come up accurately. Applying one coat is enough to make it thick. All you have to do is make the surface even. If while doing this some more solution is required you can add it according to the space left.

Preventing the growth of mold in your closets and cupboards

growth of mold in your closetsMolds are microscopic organisms (fungi) which have the ability to grow on more or less any surface including wood, carpet, winter insulation, hay, paper, concrete and even potted house plants. Most molds are not harmful to the human body; however, the toxic black mold is lethal.

Studies have shown that molds can cause a number of health hazards such as cancer, asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus infections, aches, rashes, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. Fatal pulmonary diseases can be caused by Stachybotrys molds.

Getting rid of the already existing mold is not a piece of cake, but is not a very difficult job either. Below are some steps that should help you in the process.

• You must figure out what types and levels of mold are there in your closets and cupboards. Test kits are easily available online and even in hardware stores, pharmacy chains, and home centres. You need to place the petri dishes found in the kit in locations where you suspect mold, collect a sample and then send it to a lab for analysis and to discover the exact count and type of the mold.
• The most important step can be said to be eliminating the source of mold. The main cause of mold growth is moisture. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home and in the process moisture. A certain product called DampRid removes extra moisture from the atmosphere and prevents mold, mildew and musty doors. DampRid is most effective for closets.
• You should use a fungicide cleaner to eradicate mold from surfaces instead of chlorine bleach, since that will just solve the problem temporarily. Clean your closets and cupboards inside, outside and underneath. Do not forget to protect your nasal passages, lungs and skin while doing this.
• Install an air purifier in your house. Also, prevent mold by not storing wet cloth or paper or other porous materials in your cupboards and closets.

Follow these steps and you will have cleaner closets, and a healthier environment in no time.

How to design outdoor garden effectively

design outdoor gardenWhen it comes to designing your outdoor garden effectively you need to ensure that you are going to proceed with a great deal of caution on your part. You have to be precise and pristine in your methods. Check out the upcoming tips on the issue of How to design outdoor garden effectively. Try to gauge them impeccably.

• In the first place you do need to come up with the proper measurement of the garden. You do need to have the understanding of what kind of designing implementation would be suitable for the garden.

• In your pursuit of making the garden beautiful you must not forget the trouble making elements such as pests. You do need to get rid of them. If you find the presence of these trouble making elements such as pests in your garden you need to take immediate steps. You are required to eliminate them for sure. Another option is building a garden shed to protect your plants from pests.  If you choose that option, it is best to build using Steel Buildings.

• In order to increase the curb appeal of the outer garden of yours you can think of installing some water bodies, Koi fish pond as well as fountains in it. You can bet that these features are going to complement the look of the outer garden of yours.

• You can think of putting some rocks in it to add a charming view to it.

• You can think of creating some statues and getting them posted over there. Some sculptures are also going to do justice to the requirement of the outer garden of yours.

These are some of the most important tips on How to design outdoor garden effectively. You do need to ensure the fact that you are pretty immaculate in following them precisely. You have to do it without making any kinds of errors on your part. So choose to be very careful about them.

Lighting up your House

Lighting up your HouseInnovations and renovations in ones own home is very vital. It makes you an aesthetic feeling and will help to strengthen your family bonding. There are many reasons as to why you should focus on home lightening. It can amplify the appearance of the room and makes it look larger. Lightening is very important to give the right perspective to every single object that is kept in your house.

There are various types of home lightening. Living rooms have light furniture so lightening it up is not much of a problem. You can put desk lamp for reading requirement but make sure that they are not very bright because it can be strenuous for the eyes. Task light is easier to use in kitchen which will focus on food that is being prepared. Lightening up of the shelves and cabinets can be a good potion. It can be really helpful to highlight whatever is kept inside it.

Accent lightening is good for focusing beautiful paintings on the walls. Pendant lightening are the best for illuminating any bar area if you have at home. Switches can be installed for regulating the lightening of various places. Bathrooms and kitchens definitely require brighter lights than others. Bright pendant light can also be used for the dining area, so that people can comfortably see the food well.

Light should be strong while doing something that requires concentration like sewing, reading, cooking etc. Light in the bathroom must be focused on the mirror as you might need it for doing your makeup. You must see to it that old lights use more power to light up an area. You can use compact fluorescent lights for an eco friendly way to light up your house. It is energy efficient and provides sharp brightness over long period of time.

Tips to restore old furniture

restore old furnitureThe things that are always possessed by the creative homemakers are the old furniture that they have received from their ancestors. One antique bed, a centre table or may be a chair which may not even go with the modern theme of the house is restored in a perfect manner by the middle aged mothers especially who are homemakers. But it is necessary for you even, to value these pieces of things which can really be turned into a new treasure in future which may look like a trash presently.

If you want to restore the old dining set built by your grandfather, the very first thing that you will have to remember is that you will have to fix up the schedule with the right amount of time. It is obvious that you will be fond of the memories of your ancestors, but then it’s also important to be more sensible and follow the trend. A simple paint touch up on the old furniture may change the entire look of the furniture which is also a matter of some hours but if a total deformation of the piece to make it a new one may take even a week. So, it is clear that time management is the primary tip to be followed.

The result can turn out to be tricky of the custom furniture restoration project if you do not have the clear idea about using the tools. Maximum home accidents occur due to carelessness while using the hammer or the chainsaw.

The old arm-chair that your grandfather used to sit on is sure to have a lot of dirt stuck on it. It is important for you to get hold of a tough sponge from a hardware shop and wipe away all the dirt from the arm chair before putting the paint on it otherwise the paint will be interfered by the dirt.
Finally to restore the old furniture you should repair the worn out parts of it. If you keep the broken parts as it is, it will not look perfect even if you paint it.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies: How To Buy Them?

Eco-friendly Cleaning SuppliesMaintenance of your home should be of great priority to you. You must be using a lot of chemicals and supplies to clean different parts of your home. So you should try out the eco-friendly chemicals and supplies to clean your house. In this way you will able to make the world a better place in your own small way. Using green cleaning supplies is the best thing that you can do in today’s world to keep the environment healthy. You must make it a point to convert your home into an eco-friendly place.

Manufacturers of such green cleaning products and supplies are very few. Thus you can buy the supplies directly from the manufacturing company. If you cannot get hold of these companies easily then you can surely carry out an online research for the renowned manufacturers in and around your locality. Green cleaning chemicals and supplies are obviously expensive but in the long run these can really help in improving the deteriorating health of the environment.

In case there is no company that is located near the place where you live then search for the official websites of these green cleaning supply and chemical companies. After you find the website you can order for the supplies and chemicals and these will be delivered directly to you. In many places these organic stores have opened up that can turn out to be very helpful to you if these are located in your area. You can just visit them and buy the things that you want conveniently. The organic stores will ensure that you get proper services and inform you when a product you required has been supplied to their store from the manufacturer.

Once you start using green cleaning chemicals and supplies, do not give it up as it is an amazing habit.

Tips on choosing the right color for the rooms

room colorsAre you about to remodel your house and looking for the right shades of paint? A fresh coat of paint is primary for every room makeover- but confusion is usual when it comes to selecting the right shade. Every color carries certain quality or feel and hence you have to be careful while selecting the shade. The article here is a brief on picking the perfect color for each of your rooms.


When it comes to bedroom, pink is always a wonderful choice. Pink exudes a soft warm glow without being too overwhelming. Your bedroom is the place for romance and relaxation and hence you need warm colors that you make you feel cozy and also ensure a tranquil environ for proper rest. Next to pink you have blue. Blue defines serenity and thus would be apt to create a beautifully relaxed ambience.

Living room

Your living is the place where you invite your guests over. Hence the room color should be bright, welcoming and peppy. Lavender is a great choice for modern living spaces. Mint green is another sought after color here comprising both the coolness of blue and energy of green. If you have a small living, count on butterscotch.


The dining room colors should work as appetizers so that your family and guests can get in the right mood to admire your culinary caliber. Warm colors are the much needed for dining room décor. You can trust crimson as red signifies devouring, matching up with the function of the dining space. Bright orange is another good choice as dining room color.


The hallway is the place where you first welcome your guests as they step into your house and hence you have to come up with the right inviting environ here. As hallways are usually narrow, the best bet would be to trust on earthy and lighter tones.

Selecting the correct color scheme for your home

home color schemeThe beauty of your house depends a lot on the color scheme that you can select for your house. You should be very careful while selecting the color for your home. A number of factors should be kept in mind while you are selecting the color for your home. Your personality and character is reflected in a great way by the color scheme you choose for your home.

Don’t go for very light color for your walls. The light colors do reflect light and keep your house bright, but then at the same time a very light shade of color also prone to get dirty very quickly. It may be very difficult to clean the light colored walls once they are dirty. It is advisable to go for a slightly deeper shade of color for the walls so that they don’t get dirty too quickly. However too dark a color may make your room look dark and gloomy as the light will reflect with the deeper shads on the walls.

You can go for such colors which are neither too deep nor too light and at the same time reflect light and makes your room bright. Instead of going for single color shade, you can also for the dual or multiple color shades. These color schemes are much in demand these days due to their unique nature. You can contact any of the leading paint company for the various designer shades. The design and styles should be dependent on the interiors of your house. The engineers and advisers of the paint companies can help you get the correct design for your home.

Take advice from various paint companies before you select a particular company. Also the color shade you see on the catalogue may differ from the reality. So always insist on the real color shade so that it can be easy for you to understand.

Tips on selecting the perfect color shade for your home

Home painting, home decorSelecting the perfect color shade for your home can be a really tough thing to do. There are many options in the market regarding the color shades that anyone can get confused. Every family member have their different choices of color and thus with so many opinions one can easily get confused on which shade to select. Here are some tips that would help you in getting to a decision.
• Study rooms are the place where one should feel the warmth and a serious environment should be created. You can use the darker shades for this room.
• Living room is a place where your guests visit first. This room should be spacious and ring in a positive feel. You can use lighter shades in this part of the house.
• Rooms can have colors according to the room owner. You can use pink for your daughter and blue or other shades in your son’s room. While your bedroom can have a mix of dark and light shades to give a royal room.
So use the tips to find the perfect color shade for your home.

3D Wall designing

wall decor, home decor3D Wall designs bring the walls of your home to life with contemporary and modern panel textures and designs. The interior decorative panels can be made from plant fibers. With the use of these raw materials, you also ensure an eco friendly home which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. In this way you can also contribute to sustainability.

3D Wall trends are the latest in wall coverings. After the pattern is made, they can easily be painted properly to bring out its complete beauty. You can select any color of your choice that will complement the interiors of your house accordingly. This results in economical way of house décor. This creates a rich, stunning and modern look for any room.
When you are considering getting wall art, make sure not to use this designing technique on more than two walls of each room. 3D Wall art is used to bring focus on a particular wall. So go ahead, adorn your walls with 3D Art.