Advantages of Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofGambrel roof is such a roof whose shape is ridged and has two slopes on each side, first is steeper and the other one is shallower. It got its name because of its shape. It is said that the shape of the gambrel roof is likely to form the shape of the hind leg of horse which was some time denoted as gambrel. It is very popular in some kind of houses specifically those built in the Dutch colonial style which is prominent in Hudson River valley. Let’s see some of its advantages or we can say the reason of it being so popular and prominent.

  • Maximize space

These gambrel roofs are so much popular and the reason behind it is its steep lower slope which gave the maximum space for head and availing the home with a large loft space which can be used as a attic or even as an bedroom. If you still want more space then you can add dormer window along with the gambrel roof. Use trusses instead of traditional rafters as it allows even more space for storage as it supports the gambrel space.

  • Good handler of loads

Previously gambrels were not compatible to have loads of snow and rain water thus it cannot be placed in such areas with heavy rainfall or snowfall to maintain the longetivity of roofs. But now with the help of mote modern materials gambrels are now capable of holding heavy loads either of snow, rain or water. It has become very strong now.

  • Attractive looks

Many types of roofs are very strong but they are not eye pleasing but this is not so in case of gambrel roofing. Though it is complex but still it looks very attractive and pleasant. Hip roofs and gabled roofs are very less interesting visually while hipped gable roof and mansard roofs are good but they are too busy. While apart from all this gambrel roof had two crooked lines which is very simple and elegant.

  • Adaptable

Gambrel roofs need very less framing work and thus it takes very less space and thus it leaves more options for floor plans. There is very less weight on the ceiling as the series of trusses which holds up the sides of gambrel space is very light weighted. Thus architect also have wider range of options while designing the house.

  • Historical heritage

Gambrel roof undoubtedly offers a classy looks. It’s like those which is derived from colonial America. Recent homes which are using gambrel roofs are following American tradition. The well known Thomas Riggs house in Gloucester and Massachusetts have used gambler roof in their roofing.

  • Simple in framing

The framing and construction work of gambler roofs are very simple. Usually the gambler roof is use two rafter systems which are attached by a horizontal nailer which is at the middle of the roof. But the new techniques permit to employ the gusset joints at the midrafter which is even more simple, better and comfortable.