Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroomNo one ever likes to clean your bathroom but by accepting the fact that you have to clean your bathroom no matter what will make the work little bit less painful. Bathroom is one word and we think it’s a small space and it’s easy to clean your bathroom. But for your kind information bathroom has bathtub to clean, shower to clean, faucets to clean, toilet to clean, walls to clean, floor to clean, sink or counter area to clean, mirror to clean and many such small little places to clean. Thus don’t take cleaning your bathroom very lightly and pay attention on it. Here are some of the ways which will help you to clean your bathroom like a pro and get a sparkling clean bathroom.

  • Remove all things which don’t belong to bathroom

Many of the times, there are several things in the bathroom which don’t even belong to bathroom like trash, cups and clothes. Many of the times toys of your kids are also wondering in your bathroom and hence while cleaning your bathroom make sure to remove all the extra items out of your bathroom and make it empty. Also if there is any movable storage or any stool or any side tables then also take it out of the bathroom so that you can clean your bathroom properly and effectively.

  • Pour some bleach or another cleaner in toilet

Toilet bowl is such a place where there is accumulation of germs and thus while cleaning your bathroom you need to pay a little extra attention to your toilet bowl. Put some bleach or any other cleaning solution into the toilet bowl and let it stay for some while over there. After some while use a brush and clean your toilet bowl with the brush. Make sure to open the door or put on the fan during this cleaning process to get proper ventilation. If you want to go a little green while cleaning your bathroom than you can mix up a tablespoon of baking powder into 75/25 mixture of white vinegar and water.

  • Clear the dust

Not only in case of cleaning your bathroom, but in any of the rooms, whenever you clean you start cleaning from top and end up cleaning at the bottom. Start dusting from the ceiling of the bathroom. Clear out any of the cobwebs seen on the ceiling as well as on the walls. This will make so much dust on the floor but don’t clean it at the moment. Clean the windows and any other spot where you see the dust. After that sweep the floor properly and then go for washing the floor with cleaning solution.

  • Clean sink and shower

Make sure to clean the sink and shower while cleaning your bathroom. Sink and shower both are those spots which are used daily in the bathroom and thus clean it properly with good cleaning solution and remove every dirt seen on it.