Preventing the growth of mold in your closets and cupboards

growth of mold in your closetsMolds are microscopic organisms (fungi) which have the ability to grow on more or less any surface including wood, carpet, winter insulation, hay, paper, concrete and even potted house plants. Most molds are not harmful to the human body; however, the toxic black mold is lethal.

Studies have shown that molds can cause a number of health hazards such as cancer, asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus infections, aches, rashes, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. Fatal pulmonary diseases can be caused by Stachybotrys molds.

Getting rid of the already existing mold is not a piece of cake, but is not a very difficult job either. Below are some steps that should help you in the process.

• You must figure out what types and levels of mold are there in your closets and cupboards. Test kits are easily available online and even in hardware stores, pharmacy chains, and home centres. You need to place the petri dishes found in the kit in locations where you suspect mold, collect a sample and then send it to a lab for analysis and to discover the exact count and type of the mold.
• The most important step can be said to be eliminating the source of mold. The main cause of mold growth is moisture. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home and in the process moisture. A certain product called DampRid removes extra moisture from the atmosphere and prevents mold, mildew and musty doors. DampRid is most effective for closets.
• You should use a fungicide cleaner to eradicate mold from surfaces instead of chlorine bleach, since that will just solve the problem temporarily. Clean your closets and cupboards inside, outside and underneath. Do not forget to protect your nasal passages, lungs and skin while doing this.
• Install an air purifier in your house. Also, prevent mold by not storing wet cloth or paper or other porous materials in your cupboards and closets.

Follow these steps and you will have cleaner closets, and a healthier environment in no time.