Tips on choosing the right color for the rooms

room colorsAre you about to remodel your house and looking for the right shades of paint? A fresh coat of paint is primary for every room makeover- but confusion is usual when it comes to selecting the right shade. Every color carries certain quality or feel and hence you have to be careful while selecting the shade. The article here is a brief on picking the perfect color for each of your rooms.


When it comes to bedroom, pink is always a wonderful choice. Pink exudes a soft warm glow without being too overwhelming. Your bedroom is the place for romance and relaxation and hence you need warm colors that you make you feel cozy and also ensure a tranquil environ for proper rest. Next to pink you have blue. Blue defines serenity and thus would be apt to create a beautifully relaxed ambience.

Living room

Your living is the place where you invite your guests over. Hence the room color should be bright, welcoming and peppy. Lavender is a great choice for modern living spaces. Mint green is another sought after color here comprising both the coolness of blue and energy of green. If you have a small living, count on butterscotch.


The dining room colors should work as appetizers so that your family and guests can get in the right mood to admire your culinary caliber. Warm colors are the much needed for dining room d├ęcor. You can trust crimson as red signifies devouring, matching up with the function of the dining space. Bright orange is another good choice as dining room color.


The hallway is the place where you first welcome your guests as they step into your house and hence you have to come up with the right inviting environ here. As hallways are usually narrow, the best bet would be to trust on earthy and lighter tones.