3D Wall designing

wall decor, home decor3D Wall designs bring the walls of your home to life with contemporary and modern panel textures and designs. The interior decorative panels can be made from plant fibers. With the use of these raw materials, you also ensure an eco friendly home which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. In this way you can also contribute to sustainability.

3D Wall trends are the latest in wall coverings. After the pattern is made, they can easily be painted properly to bring out its complete beauty. You can select any color of your choice that will complement the interiors of your house accordingly. This results in economical way of house d├ęcor. This creates a rich, stunning and modern look for any room.
When you are considering getting wall art, make sure not to use this designing technique on more than two walls of each room. 3D Wall art is used to bring focus on a particular wall. So go ahead, adorn your walls with 3D Art.

How to replace a broken window

broken windowSome repairs need to be done as soon as possible instead of waiting for the mechanic. Such a situation could be that of a broken window for instance. In a situation such as a broken window, there are many broken pieces of glass or acrylic that might be a source of injury, especially if you have kids at your home.

Therefore start the procedure by removing all the broken pieces of glass and the remaining pieces on the window carefully. It is advised to use a heavy glove while doing so. After this remove the putty from inside the frame. You can use a chisel or a putty knife for this step. This step needs to be carried out carefully so that you do not break the window frame. Then, with a cloth dipped in linseed oil, wipe the entire frame. After this step, put new putty inside the window frame. Get a glass of the exact size and fit it inside the frame. Wipe out the excess putty and let the window dry. And voila, your broken window has been replaced! If you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project on your own, contact professionals that can handle it for you, like Art Construction.