Stair designs when living with toddlers

When you have toddlers back home you need to be really careful with the stair designs. It’s especially important when the child has just started to crawl or walk and here goes some safety stair tips that might be helpful for the new parents.

It’s important that you guard your stairs with a safety gate or a baby net. The net or gate has to be installed at both ends of the staircase s that the child doesn’t get to enter the stair part. Make sure to keep the gates closed every time you enter or come out of the stairs.
Railings are also essential for stairs when you have kids in your home. But the railings shouldn’t be much wider as the child might slip between the rails. Reduce the distance with nets alongside or through installing more number of rails. Besides, it’s good if you can carpet your stairs for a strong grip.

Selecting bathroom furniture for you contemporary home

Selecting the best bathroom furniture for your contemporary home can be a bit tricky especially if you have not bought such things before. Bathroom furniture is not that easy to pick and there are various factors which you must keep in mind while buying them. The first and foremost thing which you should remember is the space of the bathroom. You cannot obviously fit in big furniture if your bathroom is small. So you will have to have an idea of the bathroom space.

Secondly you must take care of the color of the bathroom and the color of the furniture which you are about to buy. They should match with each other. Even if they don’t the color s should not be completely opposite. If you think that you have a special theme in your bathroom then you must buy the furniture according to that theme so that when they are installed it does not look odd.