How to maintain your fine wood furniture

.Treating the wooden materials involve a bit of care and maintenance. If there is mark of burn in the wood, you should rub the place very gently with a wool of fine steel wrapped around the finger. After rubbing, you should get that area polished and waxed. Before cleaning the wood, you should read the instructions of the manufacturer. Use a soft cloth when you are dusting the wood. The pattern of the grain of the wood has to be followed while dusting it. If there is a dent in the wood, you should get the finish of that place removed or holes should be pricked in that area. A wet cloth has to be placed on the dent along with a cap of metal for that cloth. This cap will not let the surroundings be damaged. Heat should be applied to that area through an iron. After fixing the dent, you will have to get the area waxed and polished.

Rustic log furniture for your living room

Rustic is a word employed to define a style that incorporates a warm feeling into the home décor. Rustic furniture makes one feel close to the nature as they are made by recycling barn woods and trees. This furniture can be used to spice up any type of home décor such as contemporary, antique, classic and art to add a level of uniqueness.

Rustic log furniture is one of the most popular trends for home décor and is primarily made of cedar and pine wood. Teak is also used sometimes to create this type of furniture. Log furniture is very different in appearance than normal furniture and adds an aura of elegance to your home. Use log furniture like futons, daybeds, and log rocker on the deck for your relaxation time. A campfire surrounded by classy rustic log patio furniture will make the ambience perfect. Rustic log furniture is very durable and lasts for years for you to pass them on to your children.

Five items that can change the appeal of a large room drastically

The curtains for your room are very important and they should not be ignored at any cost. The curtains can bring a certain flavor to your room and choosing the wrong curtains can easily ruin the look of room in no time. A nice sofa along with a couch is a set that is very important for making a look that is classy and sophisticated. This will make your room inviting and speak highly of your tastes at the same time. A plush carpet is always effective in making a room look elegant.

Make sure you choose the material and the color of the carpet wisely and in agreement with the look of your room. a good chandelier that is designed with intricate artwork would be the icing on the cake as it will illuminate the room with style and make your beautiful and classy room visible to your visitors and when they will look up to find the source of this heavenly light they will be mesmerized by the beauty of the light piece.