Polishing your brass furniture

In order to preserve your brass furniture and keep it as good as new, you need to clean it by washing it with detergents and a solution of one tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of vinegar. A pint of water, if added, will prove to be better. If you wish to clean off the dirt by the sides, then you may use a solution of ammonia on a toothbrush. If the brass is corroded badly, then immerse it in a solution of washing soda, and wipe it repeatedly.

You can obtain a glass brush from a jeweler in order to brush off the stained parts. If you see spots of corrosion, then rub them off with scouring powder and a piece of cloth. If you completely fail to prevent the scratches, then polish it with a paste of finely ground chalk which you can obtain from a DIY shop. Brass handles, if possible, should be removed before cleaning; otherwise the polish can damage the wood.

Turning your closet into a dressing room

If you do not have a dressing room of your own yet, you can easily transform your closet into a dressing room. Do you want to know how you can do it? Here are a few simple tips. Your first job will be to install a mirror. The mirror has to be full length; it can be either freestanding or fixed to the wall. There should be at least 3 feet space on the floor so that you can view yourself properly.

Keep your shoes in beautiful, decorative boxes and not on shelves. Hang your dresses and clothes on hangers. If you have a wooden rod in the closet you can use wooden hangers for your clothes. Make it a point to display all your accessories, do not hide them. You can use decorative hooks to display the purses and ties. You can keep the off-season clothes inside cool looking totes. Keep your undergarments inside lined baskets.