The classic style of designing is still fresh

Designing your dream home is not a mean task. And therefore you have to make sure that you design your dream home just right. When it comes to designing homes, the classic style is still in vogue and evokes a lot of appreciation. So to play it safe and make your home beautiful, classic design is the way to go.

Coming to the architectural classic home designs you can go in for the Anne Queen or the Victorian style or the Georgian style. You can also opt for the craftsmen classic design. Greek revival style is one of the most popular classic architectural styles and might work for you.

The roof of your Georgian home will either have straight slopes or be gabbled. And the Georgian cornices are characterized by dental molding embellishments. Windows and doors of different architectural styles are vividly different from one another and therefore you have to make sure that your architect gets it just right.

Strategies used to clean your kitchen

Is your kitchen clean and sparkling? The kitchen is one of the most important work areas of your home. Most of our work at home is generally done in the kitchen area. At the same time it is the kitchen which is most vulnerable to getting messy. To increase the efficiency of your work you will have to ensure that your kitchen is kept clean and sparkling all the time.

So how do you keep your kitchen clean? The kitchen is mostly soiled by grease and smoke. The best way to deal with these is the dishwasher liquid. Spray your dishwasher over your kitchen counter generously. In case you have a concentrated liquid ensure that it is diluted with water. Baking soda is also often quite effective for this purpose. There is another time tested solution in the form of baking soda mixed with vinegar. Spray over the soiled area generously and you will have a clean and sparkling kitchen.

How to design your house to make it look rich

The first thing that comes to your mind when you build your own house is how to make it look attractive, unique and rich. You tend to choose the classiest of designs for your house at an affordable price but soon the design turns out to be over used by most people. In such a situation, you should specify your decorator to improve the look of your house with designs that’d make it look rich.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind to make your house look rich and classy is to keep up with modernity. You might want to get new furniture set with classy features and accessories in exchange of your old out dated furniture. You have plenty to work on your wall art as every now and then you can find the classiest of interior wall paintings out in the market. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money to make your house look rich, just a bit of consciousness and alertness with the latest house designs and decoration would suffice.

Techniques to give your room a luxurious look

Planning for a luxurious room décor? Well a luxurious décor take us back to the Gothic Age which was characterized by grandeur and a lavish lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you in this beautiful endeavor.

Paint up the room in rich bright colors. Red would be a good choice or purple and violet. Deck up your bed in rich satin bedding with satin bed sheets, pillow and cushion covers. Hang heavy three layered velvet curtains from your French windows. Get antique wooden or wrought iron furniture. Go for a beautiful canopy bed.

Wooden or stone flooring (like marble) bring the desired rich look to your room. Hang big mirrors from the walls and wrought iron candle stands. World famous paintings would be a good wall art for your luxurious room. Get a large crystal chandelier for the ceiling. Finally, complement the entire look with hand woven oriental rugs and carpets.

Cleaning your water tanks

Water tanks are one of the most important parts in any household. You need the water for all your domestic purposes like washing, bathing and cleaning and you need the water tank to store water. But most of us never bother to clean our water tanks which lead to many harmful diseases.

If the water tank itself is not clean, it will lead to problems while cleaning and washing. You will most certainly use this water to clean your vegetables and thus having an unclean water tank will affect your nutrition as well. There are many ways using which you can clean your tank. As they say prevention is better than cure. So make sure you clean your tank twice a month even though you don’t have any problems with it. Similarly, never keep water in the tank for long periods. If you are going out of town, unload the water from the tank.

Cleaning your water tank

Most people who own water tanks are not accustomed to the fact that water tanks need proper cleaning. If you are one of them too, then you must realize the fact that water tanks are not provided with any self cleaning options. They need to be cleaned at least once in three months.

Here are a few easy steps to clean your water tank. Firstly, switch off the power. Unplug all the wirings attached to it. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and the other into the floor drain. Then turn off the cold water valve as well. Turn on the drain valve and allow it to empty. After the water has drained, wipe the floor and remove all sediments etc. and replace it if it’s corroded. Turn the power on now. You must keep the water tank clean not only for its longer usage, but for hygiene as well.

How to decorate your garden place?

Do you have green fingers? Does gardening appeal to you as one of the mist relaxing and enjoyable hobbies that you cultivate? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you should know some few tricks on how to decorate your garden and give it a beautiful look altogether. First and foremost, get rid of the weeds and junk. Clearing out useless things will clean out the mess and clutter helping you think better about what to do with your garden.

Divide your garden into sections. You can plant some vegetables. Try to stick to 2-3 vegetables per year to the max. The vegetables would grow best if they are seasonal. Any garden is incomplete without flowers. Dig up some flower beds. Pansies and roses are the best choices for a colorful garden. Use good eco-friendly fertilizer and keep the use of pesticides to the minimum. The final touch will be to incorporate some LED lights preferably of yellow color. They would even light up the whole garden in evenings making it look extravagant.

The easiest ways to clean the Fireplace

A fireplace must be one of the toughest places to clean. And since it’s so much overused during the cold months, it’s necessary to keep it clean regularly to ensure safety and hygiene. But since it’s such a difficult place to clean, there are some special ways to do it. Read on to know the simple ways of cleaning your fireplace.

There are special ash vacuum cleaners which are designed to clean fireplaces especially. So make sure that you use this to clean your fireplace. Also keep it well ventilated and clean it once a week during winters. During warm months, apart from using the ash vacuum cleaner, you can also manually clean the inside with a mop from time to time. Also clean the outside or outer boards with a soluble cleanser and a soft clean cotton cloth. While buying your ash vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s made of metal. This is not only a surety of the sanctity of the product but also makes the product useful and durable.

Use of wood for flooring purpose

Wood flooring is slowly gaining prominence. Nowadays, even food is also considered to be a potent flooring option. More and more people are deploying wood flooring in their homes. It can be attributed to the fact that there are various advantages of wood flooring. Firstly, it gives a regal feel. Wood flooring looks very beautiful and elegant. Oak wood, specially, is known for its wonderful hues and rich quality. It is quite stable and hard as well.

Another advantage of wood flooring is durability. Wood, unlike other materials, lasts long enough, sometimes even a lifetime. Not much effort is needed to clean wooden flooring, therefore minimizing efforts of cleansing. Wooden flooring remains intact, withstanding extreme changes in temperature and pressure. Certain qualities of wood are non-porous; this implies they do not hold moisture, and keep the flooring smooth. Installation procedures are even easy, and one can readily implement wooden flooring without much hassles.