Things to remember while installing Tiles in your bathroom

Planning for a bathroom renovation? Well, proper installation of bathroom tiles in your shower is one of the primary steps while a washroom make over. Here are some things to remember before laying the bathroom tiles.

In the first up, you have to switch off and also disconnect the area water supply. Then loosen and take out the nuts. You can keep them on your tub. Then, you need a clean and dry area for proper installation of tiles. Thus, clean the surface and air it. It’s good if you can lay a concrete panel or thin plywood plate on your existing floor.

Check out for the appropriate measurements. You have to gauge the square measurement and consider an excess 5% for a threshold. Then, you have to purchase 5 pound grout, 1 gallon glue, 1 notched trowel, 1 pad of rubber grout, some tile snips and 1 tile cutter. Ask someone from the shop to help you with the material usage.

Advantages of a round dining table

Dining tables are a must for every home. But always try to go for a round table since they come with several advantages. Firstly, they are found in a broad range of styles and sizes. Thus, you can easily have one as per the look and size of your room. Besides, they are classy and space saving compared to the rectangular or square ones.

Another benefit of round dining tables is that they are quite easy to adjust when you have some extra members in your room. They are really flexible while making the seating arrangements. Besides, they are quite safer to use since they don’t come with the sharp edges which are typical with the rectangular and the square ones. Hence, they are good when you have small kids at your home.

Finally round dining tables suit any theme of interior décor. Thus, no matter whether you have a conventionally styled dining space or a trendy contemporary area, you are always safe with the round option since they come with a timeless elegance.

Making Rings from your Aluminum Pipes


Secure the pipe using a sturdy clamp with the help of more than one clamp which depends on the length of aluminum pipe. Test if the pipe is stable by pressing down the pipe using your hands. The pipe should be measured and a predetermined distance should be marked from the end which will be the cutting point.

The skill saw should be equipped by a metal blade used for sawing. Set the depth of the blade in such a way that the bottom tooth is 1/8 to 1/4 inch beyond the thickness of your pipe when holding level to it. Lubricating your saw blade, using a small amount of lubricant like spray grease, is helpful.

Taking position on the side of your pipe, the blade of the skill saw should be aligned with the mark made on the pipe. The saw should be used slowly and smoothly to cut the pipe.