Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroomNo one ever likes to clean your bathroom but by accepting the fact that you have to clean your bathroom no matter what will make the work little bit less painful. Bathroom is one word and we think it’s a small space and it’s easy to clean your bathroom. But for your kind information bathroom has bathtub to clean, shower to clean, faucets to clean, toilet to clean, walls to clean, floor to clean, sink or counter area to clean, mirror to clean and many such small little places to clean. Thus don’t take cleaning your bathroom very lightly and pay attention on it. Here are some of the ways which will help you to clean your bathroom like a pro and get a sparkling clean bathroom.

  • Remove all things which don’t belong to bathroom

Many of the times, there are several things in the bathroom which don’t even belong to bathroom like trash, cups and clothes. Many of the times toys of your kids are also wondering in your bathroom and hence while cleaning your bathroom make sure to remove all the extra items out of your bathroom and make it empty. Also if there is any movable storage or any stool or any side tables then also take it out of the bathroom so that you can clean your bathroom properly and effectively.

  • Pour some bleach or another cleaner in toilet

Toilet bowl is such a place where there is accumulation of germs and thus while cleaning your bathroom you need to pay a little extra attention to your toilet bowl. Put some bleach or any other cleaning solution into the toilet bowl and let it stay for some while over there. After some while use a brush and clean your toilet bowl with the brush. Make sure to open the door or put on the fan during this cleaning process to get proper ventilation. If you want to go a little green while cleaning your bathroom than you can mix up a tablespoon of baking powder into 75/25 mixture of white vinegar and water.

  • Clear the dust

Not only in case of cleaning your bathroom, but in any of the rooms, whenever you clean you start cleaning from top and end up cleaning at the bottom. Start dusting from the ceiling of the bathroom. Clear out any of the cobwebs seen on the ceiling as well as on the walls. This will make so much dust on the floor but don’t clean it at the moment. Clean the windows and any other spot where you see the dust. After that sweep the floor properly and then go for washing the floor with cleaning solution.

  • Clean sink and shower

Make sure to clean the sink and shower while cleaning your bathroom. Sink and shower both are those spots which are used daily in the bathroom and thus clean it properly with good cleaning solution and remove every dirt seen on it.

How to Repair your Basement Floor

repairing your basement floorBasement is considered as the important part of the home which supplies us with the exact space which we have got in our whole house. And if proper maintenance of the basement is not taken into consideration, it can lead to damaging your basement. And the common reasons through which basement floors can be damaged are like the moistures or the weight age of the house, not only but if there are any possibilities of floor than damaging of basement floor can also take place. So repairing your basement floor will help you to save up your money and investment of just by repairing it and not to replace it in wholly.

This article will help you to get the perfect knowledge about how to repair your basement floor in simple and easy method. You can also hire the professional contractors which can repair your basement floor in a proper manner because they have better knowledge in this field. Certain things must be considered at the time of repairing your basement floor which is discussed below.

Repairing your basement floor

  • First and the foremost thing which every home owner must comply with are to check the work out the things which will be needed to repair your basement floor. Identification of cracks and the holes which has been the reason for repairing is the first thing which every home owner must identify before getting it repaired is to accurately notice the cracks whether they are huge or small which can be handled easily or not.
  • If there are cracks in the floor than repair your basement floor with the help of filling those gaps or the cracks with the help of special solutions which are available in the market. Not only that but there are different types of solutions and materials which are available in the market which can help you to get repair your basement floor on an ease manner.
  • After filling all the cracks and the gaps in the basement floor. Leave it for getting dry for more than a day. This will help the basement floor to get more stubborn and strong. If you observe more of cracks which cannot be filled in with the help of solution, than you can also remove or replace those parts of the floor with the other parts so that replacing whole of the floor of basement Is not the only option left with your.
  • This will give a new look to your basement floor. After complying with the process of repairing your basement floor finish it up with the polish or the solution which is meant to give the finishing effect to your basement floor. If you basement floor is extensively damaged than your have no option left but you need to replace the whole of basement floor which can be sounding as an expensive process. So it is advisable to comply with repairing your basement floor and take a proper care so that the situation of replacing whole of the basement floor does not arise.

Advantages of Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofGambrel roof is such a roof whose shape is ridged and has two slopes on each side, first is steeper and the other one is shallower. It got its name because of its shape. It is said that the shape of the gambrel roof is likely to form the shape of the hind leg of horse which was some time denoted as gambrel. It is very popular in some kind of houses specifically those built in the Dutch colonial style which is prominent in Hudson River valley. Let’s see some of its advantages or we can say the reason of it being so popular and prominent.

  • Maximize space

These gambrel roofs are so much popular and the reason behind it is its steep lower slope which gave the maximum space for head and availing the home with a large loft space which can be used as a attic or even as an bedroom. If you still want more space then you can add dormer window along with the gambrel roof. Use trusses instead of traditional rafters as it allows even more space for storage as it supports the gambrel space.

  • Good handler of loads

Previously gambrels were not compatible to have loads of snow and rain water thus it cannot be placed in such areas with heavy rainfall or snowfall to maintain the longetivity of roofs. But now with the help of mote modern materials gambrels are now capable of holding heavy loads either of snow, rain or water. It has become very strong now.

  • Attractive looks

Many types of roofs are very strong but they are not eye pleasing but this is not so in case of gambrel roofing. Though it is complex but still it looks very attractive and pleasant. Hip roofs and gabled roofs are very less interesting visually while hipped gable roof and mansard roofs are good but they are too busy. While apart from all this gambrel roof had two crooked lines which is very simple and elegant.

  • Adaptable

Gambrel roofs need very less framing work and thus it takes very less space and thus it leaves more options for floor plans. There is very less weight on the ceiling as the series of trusses which holds up the sides of gambrel space is very light weighted. Thus architect also have wider range of options while designing the house.

  • Historical heritage

Gambrel roof undoubtedly offers a classy looks. It’s like those which is derived from colonial America. Recent homes which are using gambrel roofs are following American tradition. The well known Thomas Riggs house in Gloucester and Massachusetts have used gambler roof in their roofing.

  • Simple in framing

The framing and construction work of gambler roofs are very simple. Usually the gambler roof is use two rafter systems which are attached by a horizontal nailer which is at the middle of the roof. But the new techniques permit to employ the gusset joints at the midrafter which is even more simple, better and comfortable.


Furniture Repair Tips That Can Save You from Loss

Furniture repairingFurniture repairing is a better option in order to save your money and finance. It’s better and advisable to repair your furniture timely rather than to replace it. And repairing it earlier is even better as it saves higher repairing charges and even it saves from any injury. Proper care is very necessary for any commodities whether you take indoor furniture or outdoor furniture. If you don’t do so it may result in injury and heavy loss and at last you will need a repairer or maintainer to keep your furniture in proper condition. Here are some of the tips for furniture repair.

  • Don’t take a chance by waiting too long for the full damage of the furniture for getting it repaired. If you observe any defect in furniture you should instantly get it repaired. It is beneficial as at initial stage only a minor improvement is required than to get into a huge repairing expense at a later stage.
  • Check the main point at which defect is prevailing to get to a conclusion how important it is to cure that defect and whether you can do it by yourself or not. DIY tasks re beneficial to save extra bills if you are of the opinion that you will be able to deal with the problem yourself without damaging the property more.
  • If the damage is pretty much severe that you cannot deal with it then hire the professionals to deal with your furniture on your behalf. They are more experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with different types of furniture issues and know the perfect solution, ways and methods to overcome that issue.
  • Find out a good native repairing store. The repairing work can make you realize how good it would it would have been if you have taken at first place. Look forward o the providers the corporate has to provide previously than making the final decision. The dependence level of corporate in dealing with your furniture links with the methods and instruments of repairing. There can be variety of methods and instruments for repairing your furniture.
  • Try out some ideas or ways which can save your furniture from damage like in case of occasions rubber bases can be set up on the legs of your chair or table so as to save them from splitting while dragging on rough surfaces. This measure is 2 way advantageous as it also save your floor from damage while dragging of chair from the floor. There are lots of such measures which can save your furniture by whatever material it is made from.
  • Properly analyze the defect and cost of repairing it. By evaluating it properly you can see forward as to replacing it with a new one or not. You can get an estimate cost from your repairer and if it is too high you can get new furniture instead of repairing it.
  • Find out the requirements and care tips of your furniture depending upon the material from which it is made of. Get to know its maintenance tips and work according to it. This will lead to increase the life of your furniture and reducing its damages and repairing expenses.

Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Garage

If you are similar to the other homeowners who don’t pay attention, do not think upon its maintenance and go in and out without giving a thought upon its space then you are making mistake. It’s a fact that garage is a low maintenance part of your home but it’s not a no maintenance part just like you treat it. Your home’s value can be preserved by maintaining your garage into shape. Here are some of the tips which can help you do that.

  • Keep your garage door running smoothly

Newer garage door usually come self lubricated or with plastic parts which doesn’t need any oil. But in case of older doors you need to oil your doors regularly which come in hinges, tracks and metal rollers. You can use a leaf blower to remove all the dust, grit, bugs, cobwebs, grime and other such things from the door parts.

You should also check the rubber seal on the bottom of the door of your garage randomly. Through wear and tear, your door can chip or get hardened. This thing can allow the different elements to seep inside your garage. In this case you should replace the seal. If you are not replacing, you may also face problems like your door hitting the ground hard and the jarring noise coming from the parts or allowing the light to peep inside your garage even after it is closed.

  • Clean the floor of your garage

You should hose down the floor of your garage at least once in a year so that stains, pockmarks which are caused by the auto fluids and road salts are cleaned out. By doing so, you can also prevent slip hazards. Take a note of not sealing or painting garage slabs. If you do so, the paint would chip, get discolored and the floor would become slippery so in case of floor, its better to leave concrete alone.

  • Monitor your garage walls and foundation

Interior and exterior walls of the garage must be inspected twice in a year. Even the foundation must also be inspected twice to check for any cracks or moisture. If you find any signs of mold or discoloration then it is definitely moisture which is seeping in through the walls or the roof. In this case you should call a professional for inspection and repairs. Ignoring these things will not be advisable. The cracks which are smaller than ¼ inch which are not causing water damage are not harmful.

  • Clean interior doors and gutters

Interior doors and gutters are also very important to inspect and clean. Check out that the door is properly weather-stripped. If your garage has any gutter then it is very important to clean them every spring and fall. Inspect your gutters for damage. Even check the roof of your garage for any missing shingles or missing tiles or any water damage.


Skim Coating Concrete Walls

Skim Coating Concrete WallsSkim coating is mainly done to make your house look new. It generally involves applying a thin layer of a particular mixture which helps to even out the surface. Skim coating concrete walls includes some easy steps which you will be able to do on your own. They are as follows:

• The initial step will be to cover the floor with plastic drop cloths. If there’s any furniture or other stuff then they should be covered before beginning the work.
• Next is the scraping of the wall. This can be done with the help of a 6 inch drywall knife. The wall has to be scraped lightly which would allow the loose substances and cement to fall. Sand paper is not recommended in this case.
• Pouring water in a bucket and then mixing skim coat cement solution in it is the next step. This is an important part so you will have to be extra careful about the amount of solution you add in the water. First would be to pour the water in a 5 gallon bucket and then adding the solution slowly. The cement solution has to mix with the water thoroughly. For this you can use an electric drill. It will ultimately form a thick paste.
• When you are ready to begin you must start with the top end of the wall and go down slowly across the full surface of the concrete wall. The paste has to be applied on the wall using a cement trowel. It should be dipped properly in the bucket and the cement has to come up accurately. Applying one coat is enough to make it thick. All you have to do is make the surface even. If while doing this some more solution is required you can add it according to the space left.

Spray Foam Roofing Installation

spray foam roofing insatallationPeople will find new and different methods in the field of construction of roof and they also wish to built up and install their appropriate roofing method which looks attractive and is according to the foundation of the home. One of different and newly established roofing method is spray foam roofing. This type of roofing is more suitable in the flat surfaced roof because it can easily spray to the regions in the roof and cover the roof from getting damaged. Spray foam roofing can be easily installed in the roof with the help of the roofing contractor. There are different name through which spray foam roofing is identified like spray polyurethane foam roofing. If the home owners are thinking of installing the roof by investing their money in the appropriate roofing method than spray foam roofing method will be more appropriate to be installed in their home.

After the construction and installing the flat roof in your home to protect it from the damaged situations, spray foam roofing can be done. The process of spray foam roofing is very simple and the roofing contractor can easily attempt for the roofing. This type of roofing method, the homeowners cannot install the roof by their own because it needs special skills and profession regarding the installation of spray foam roofing. Only expert roofing contractors can install spray foam roofing because the spray foam which is used for coating the roof is of special chemicals which ensures the roof from damages and it can cause harmful effects to the homeowners if they are installing spray foam roofing on their own. So it is advisable to install the spray foam roofing with the help of the roofing contractors.

There are many benefits which can be useful to the home owners who are thinking of installing it in their roof. Spray foam roofing is comparative cheap as compared to other roofing methods because it does not indulge any solid materials but only need the foam and the equipment required for spraying the foam on the roof. It is advisable to install spray foam roofing on the flat surfaced roof because it can help the roofing contractor to spread the foam evenly in whole roof. This kind of roofing method is more easy and simple and it is best to be installed in simple roofs and not in the complex roofs.

Spray foam roofing method helps the home to be cool because it is applied on the flat roof which is installed in your home. It acts as the coating in the home which lesser down the electricity cost and consumption in the home of the home owners. It is volatile in nature. This type of roofing method last for a long time which is beneficial to the homeowners. The maintenance cost of spray foam roofing is less as compared to other roofing method because it is easily available in the market and the roofing can be coated again once it is damaged. The cost of coating the roof again is less because the materials which are used is cheap as compared to other roofing products.

Preventing the growth of mold in your closets and cupboards

growth of mold in your closetsMolds are microscopic organisms (fungi) which have the ability to grow on more or less any surface including wood, carpet, winter insulation, hay, paper, concrete and even potted house plants. Most molds are not harmful to the human body; however, the toxic black mold is lethal.

Studies have shown that molds can cause a number of health hazards such as cancer, asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus infections, aches, rashes, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. Fatal pulmonary diseases can be caused by Stachybotrys molds.

Getting rid of the already existing mold is not a piece of cake, but is not a very difficult job either. Below are some steps that should help you in the process.

• You must figure out what types and levels of mold are there in your closets and cupboards. Test kits are easily available online and even in hardware stores, pharmacy chains, and home centres. You need to place the petri dishes found in the kit in locations where you suspect mold, collect a sample and then send it to a lab for analysis and to discover the exact count and type of the mold.
• The most important step can be said to be eliminating the source of mold. The main cause of mold growth is moisture. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home and in the process moisture. A certain product called DampRid removes extra moisture from the atmosphere and prevents mold, mildew and musty doors. DampRid is most effective for closets.
• You should use a fungicide cleaner to eradicate mold from surfaces instead of chlorine bleach, since that will just solve the problem temporarily. Clean your closets and cupboards inside, outside and underneath. Do not forget to protect your nasal passages, lungs and skin while doing this.
• Install an air purifier in your house. Also, prevent mold by not storing wet cloth or paper or other porous materials in your cupboards and closets.

Follow these steps and you will have cleaner closets, and a healthier environment in no time.

How to design outdoor garden effectively

design outdoor gardenWhen it comes to designing your outdoor garden effectively you need to ensure that you are going to proceed with a great deal of caution on your part. You have to be precise and pristine in your methods. Check out the upcoming tips on the issue of How to design outdoor garden effectively. Try to gauge them impeccably.

• In the first place you do need to come up with the proper measurement of the garden. You do need to have the understanding of what kind of designing implementation would be suitable for the garden.

• In your pursuit of making the garden beautiful you must not forget the trouble making elements such as pests. You do need to get rid of them. If you find the presence of these trouble making elements such as pests in your garden you need to take immediate steps. You are required to eliminate them for sure. Another option is building a garden shed to protect your plants from pests.  If you choose that option, it is best to build using Steel Buildings.

• In order to increase the curb appeal of the outer garden of yours you can think of installing some water bodies, Koi fish pond as well as fountains in it. You can bet that these features are going to complement the look of the outer garden of yours.

• You can think of putting some rocks in it to add a charming view to it.

• You can think of creating some statues and getting them posted over there. Some sculptures are also going to do justice to the requirement of the outer garden of yours.

These are some of the most important tips on How to design outdoor garden effectively. You do need to ensure the fact that you are pretty immaculate in following them precisely. You have to do it without making any kinds of errors on your part. So choose to be very careful about them.

Lighting up your House

Lighting up your HouseInnovations and renovations in ones own home is very vital. It makes you an aesthetic feeling and will help to strengthen your family bonding. There are many reasons as to why you should focus on home lightening. It can amplify the appearance of the room and makes it look larger. Lightening is very important to give the right perspective to every single object that is kept in your house.

There are various types of home lightening. Living rooms have light furniture so lightening it up is not much of a problem. You can put desk lamp for reading requirement but make sure that they are not very bright because it can be strenuous for the eyes. Task light is easier to use in kitchen which will focus on food that is being prepared. Lightening up of the shelves and cabinets can be a good potion. It can be really helpful to highlight whatever is kept inside it.

Accent lightening is good for focusing beautiful paintings on the walls. Pendant lightening are the best for illuminating any bar area if you have at home. Switches can be installed for regulating the lightening of various places. Bathrooms and kitchens definitely require brighter lights than others. Bright pendant light can also be used for the dining area, so that people can comfortably see the food well.

Light should be strong while doing something that requires concentration like sewing, reading, cooking etc. Light in the bathroom must be focused on the mirror as you might need it for doing your makeup. You must see to it that old lights use more power to light up an area. You can use compact fluorescent lights for an eco friendly way to light up your house. It is energy efficient and provides sharp brightness over long period of time.